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Everyone knows that Netflix is one of the best OTT platforms where a lot of great movies and series are available. So if you are a movie buff and love to binge-watch, then the article is very beneficial for you and will show you the top 10 ways to get free Netflix accounts.. From romantic to horror, from comedy to thriller, every genre is available in Netflix but the only problem is that Netflix is not free and you need to buy a subscription to use Netflix. So if you do not have the money to buy a Netflix account then don’t worry because in this article you will know how to get free Netflix account.

1- Sweepstakes At

Sweepstakes are getting popular day by day and it is a cool and easy way to win some exciting prizes. There are a lot of different websites that organize free sweepstakes but it is very hard to identify the genuine one. So if you want to get a free Netflix account, then one of the best websites that organize 100% free sweepstakes is You can also win other cool prizes. All the steps that are required to enter the free sweepstakes will be mentioned ahead. So make sure to read the full article.

2- Netflix Free Trial

This is one of the most common things that a lot of people do to get a free Netflix account. Netflix offers you a one month trial period and you watching anything for free. You just need to give your credit card details to activate it and you can cancel before the subscription expiry. So if you have problems with your cards, then you can use other methods to get the offer.

3- Free Netflix Account With Virtual Card

As you may already know that Netflix offers a free 1-month trial where you can access all the features of Netflix without giving any money, but the only problem with the one-month free trial is that you will need to put your card details to get the free trial. So if you want to get the free trial without giving the card details, then you can use a virtual credit card to get all the benefits. You can get the virtual card easily by applying online.

4- Google Pay For Free Netflix Account

If you are facing any problems with the virtual card method, then you can also use google pay to get the Netflix account for free. Most people don’t know to apply for a virtual card and some people do not feel comfortable using it. So if you are one of them, then google pay is the perfect option for you. Google pay is one of the best payment systems and the good thing is that you can also pay for Netflix with it which simply means all you need a google pay account to activate the free trial offer.

5- PayPal Accounts

You can also use PayPal to get the free Netflix account 2019. PayPal is great to pay the bills and buy items and you can also get the free Netflix account without even sharing your credit card number.

6- Online Netflix Email and Password

You can easily find a genuine Netflix account’s email and password online. A lot of people share their Netflix for free and you can easily find the details online or in a Netflix telegram group. Here are some genuine free Netflix accounts.

7- Telegram Groups

Telegram groups are very popular and there are several telegram groups where you will get Netflix account for free. Many telegram groups also share cookies from time to time and it can be a good option to watch free Netflix.

8- Sharing With Friends

Though it is not a trick, still a good way to get the Netflix account for free. You can ask your friends to share their email and password. A lot of people use this method and create different profiles on the same Netflix account.

9- Cookie Method

You can also get the free account by manipulating the cookies of the webpage. There is software or you can say an extension that can help you change the cookies. The extension name is edit this cookie’ and with this, you will get full control over the cookies. All you need to do is find the genuine cookies.

10- Online Netflix Account Generator

Apart from the card method, there is also another method that a lot of people use which is an online Netflix account generator. There are many websites where you can generate premium Netflix accounts for free. The best thing about such websites is that you can generate as many accounts as you want and you will get all the details to access Netflix for free.

Applicants Steps To Enter in Sweepstakes

As promised above, here are steps that are required to enter the sweepstakes.

1- The first thing that you have to do is to review the website. Make sure to give a proper valuable review and the review should be genuine.

2- After reviewing the website, you now will have to verify and you will find all the details related to it on the page.

3- And the Final step that you have to do is submit and that’s it, you are in the free sweepstakes. So after entering the sweepstakes, there are few things that you should know which are, 1 account will be given out per 500 entrants. The account that will be given is a 12-month standard account and the last thing is that there is no spam policy.


So these were some ways that can help you get a free Netflix account but make sure to read the article carefully. Netflix subscription comes in different packages with different prices. Though the prices are not that high, but why to waste money when you can get it for free.


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